$TSLA (TESLA) Advanced Technical Analysis by My Name is Money

For a long time, I used to post technical charts mostly the stocks from BIST which called Borsa Istanbul. I am extremely glad the outcome of the analysis results has reached thousands of investors enlightening their vision on the tradings. I receive everyday messages from my followers about how satisfied they are.

Since I invest all around the world without prejudging which market is, I decided to share my experience by expanding my posts in English to reach out to you guys. Because if you have a correct approach to the technical analysis you would beat the big fishes.

I invite all of you to review my previous analysis how much they are accurate and gave a huge profit on them. Those will give you an idea of wheater you are in the correct place or not 😉

Before you go to the chart please read the below

No Investment Advice. The Company has not made any other representations or warranties to such Purchaser other than as set forth herein or incorporated herein by reference with respect to the Company or rendered any investment advice.

Today we are going to review $TSLA

$TSLA technical analysis

$TSLA technical analysis: The daily chart ports us a harmonic pattern that would lead us to the following targets which colorized in mustard yellow. Please bear in mind that if the prices go below the red price tag then the pattern would not work.

In the meantime, RSI is at an oversold level and this could support a new uptrend by means of the harmonic moves.

Important note: If you are going to invest 1000 shares, get into the habit of not buying x shares at a single price. Piecemeal purchase is important to keep costs down. You will not miss the opportunity of a possible retreat. Think of your investment not instantaneously, but at least in the medium term. Take your time, remember, our most important motto is “patience”.

Time is our most precious asset. That’s why I took my time and contributed to you. In return for this effort, you will help me maintain my motivation for new analysis with your shares and likes.

Thank you

Final Note: All the details I have reported here are for educational purposes and do not include investment advice. You may lose money in your transactions. This notification is a legal obligation.

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